GSW Board of Directors

2020 Election Results for GSW Leadership Positions

Results of the on-line election were announced at the general meeting on October 14, 2019. We have seven open slots the Board would like to fill so we can make better progress in 2020. If you can donate about five hours a month, that could help a lot! For more info about any position or to submit your name for an open slot, please contact or call (603) 898-5479.

Positions and Contacts

To send e-mail to the person currently holding any of the following positions, please click on the position title to launch your e-mail progam.

Index of Officers

President - Dave Topham

Vice President - Bill Hayne

Recording Secretary - Patty Tompkins

Social Secretary - Becca "Hiker" Munroe

Treasurer - Leslie Thompson

Members of the Board

Banquet and Awards Coordinator - Patty Tompkins

Charity and Invitational Ride Coordinator - Laurie Daley

Club Mileage and Commuting Mileage - Hetty Andrews

GSW Office Assistant - Judi Hull

Merchandise Chairperson -Joanna Bligh

Memberships/Office - Dave Topham

Newsletter Editor - Laurie Daley

Newsletter Mailing - Dave Topham

Marketing and Communications - Joanna Bligh

Rides Coordinator - Mark St. Denis

Safety and Education Coordinator - Phil Rose

Seacoast Century Director - Jim & Paula Fines

Seacoast Century Volunteer Coordinator - OPEN

Web Publisher - OPEN

Weekend Events Coordinator - Marguerite Orazi

Granite State Wheelmen

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