Ride Schedule Summary


Road Rides

Key for Ride Ratings

1 Generally flat, some grades, for beginners
2 Easy grades, challenging for beginners
3 Moderate grades, some challenge for average riders
4 Steep grades with some relief
5 Long steep grades for strong riders

L Leisurely with many rest stops (< 12 mph)
M Moderate with some rest stops (12 - 15 mph)
B Brisk with few stops (15-18 mph)
S Steady, strenuous, rapid pace (>18 mph)

Estimated ride length in miles

"2-L-16" equals easy terrain, leisurely pace, 16 mile ride

Ride Categories

"Turtle rides", as designated by the hump-back symbol, are for those who like to travel about 10 MPH for six to ten miles per ride.

"Orientation Rides" are conducted at a "Turtle" pace but include about a half-hour instructional period before the ride and usually several stops on the ride to discuss observations and offer hints. These rides are conducted by highly-experienced GSW members or certified cycling instructors.

"Newcomer Rides", as indicated by the smiley face symbol or *, are typically leisurely to moderate in pace and cover 15 to 20 miles, but the group stays together to ensure no one is ever dropped from the ride. Cue sheets are usually available and there is time to chat before, during, and after the ride. As with almost all GSW rides, an informal pizza party usually follows the ride.

Ride and Mileage Tracking Guidelines

Please see the Guidelines page for more information concerning our rides and requirements. Wondering where to start? Click here for some suggestions!

Rides Coordinator